How to become fertile naturally?

Having a baby or starting a family is a satisfying experience that fills one with gratitude. But in case the woman wants to be pregnant but is unable to conceive even after several attempts and all kinds of remedies, the same experience becomes frustrating, disappointing and starts to take a toll on the personal relationship between the couple as well. To be able to conceive, it is important that one is aware of some sure shot ways on how to become fertile.

In this article, I will tell you a few ways to stay fertile naturally and a few tips to conceive without having to undergo procedures like artificial insemination or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Ways to stay fertile naturally

  • As a thumb rule, avoid taking contraceptives. While it is a common practice, it severely damages the body’s natural ability to reproduce and the natural release of hormones.
  • Take care of your body weight. If you want to be pregnant, it is extremely important to maintain an ideal body weight according to the height and age.
  • Having a healthy diet when you try to conceive, can work wonders for you. Your sexuality is affected by your health. If you are healthy, you have better chances of conceiving.
  • Take folic acid before you try to conceive. Folic acid improves fertility and also helps in having a safe and healthy pregnancy.
  • Give up all addictive habits that can affect your health. For instance, over-consumption of alcohol, smoking, use of tobacco, all of these habits have a direct effect on one’s fertility as well as sexuality.

Apart from staying healthy and hearty, remember to keep a track of your ovulation period. There are several applications available today that are specifically designed for this purpose.